Skin, Hair, Immunesystem

Every day, people are becoming more aware and more concerned about what hidden things are in
food, water, skin care products, haircare products.

Through self struggling with skin and hair problems, but also food allergy my motivation to develop natural authentic products only increased.
Health is so natural that we do not think about it every day. Until you realize or get confronted with health issues from your love ones or yourself.
Then you realize what health means. Then you realize that not everything is so naturally.

Who does not  want to age healthy. Preferably with flexible joints, a healthy body, full of energy ?

CollincGro exclusive Focus on

Pure natural products that have been proven effective for skin, hair and your resistance.
We are supplier & distributer of antibacterial, antiviral oil for the dermatology and cosmetic industry.
Together with scientists, Engineers we supply 100% pure, natural products, no additives and artificial additives.
Are you interested in raw materials or complete finished products, let us know.


Skin Care
• We offer natural Skin care Oils
• We offer natural Skin care Facial Cream
• We offer natural Skin care body care


Hair Care
• We offer natural Hair Care Oils
• We offer Hair Shampoo with a low PH 
• We offer Hairtincture, Aftershave


Immune System

Boost your immune system with Alkylglycerol, Supports the increase of white blood-cells which you need to fight against illnesses.

Essential Oils►

We simpefy our life with electronic devices and electronic gadgets, who does not have a phone, microwave, computer, Wifi, etc. Individual they have no extreme risk to our health. But what about the total effect on long term. Get your skin hair body and mind in balance again with essential Oils.

Essential Oils

Benefits of Essential Oils, supports:

- Improve sleep
- Reduce stress
- Kill bacteria, funguses and viruses
- Relieve headaches

Essential OIls has many health claims and it therefore goes mainstream.
The big issue is how to use Essential Oils.
Essential oils are very strong, and it is recommended being mindful about how you are using Essential Oils.
Small amounts are required and not to use the same routinely, it could lowering their effectiveness.

In the field there are few ways to use Essential Oils:

1] Aromatherapy - this involves smelling essential oils and your mood can be changed quickly. It stimulates your nerve system, trigger emotional response.
For example to support lowering stress level.

2] Topical application -
We recommend never use essential oils purely on the skin without expert advice.
We also recommend to apply on to the skin after dilution in a base oil, distilled water or neutral cream.
Benefits are great and you will be amazed.

Not for internal use.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils