Beauty from the inside and outside

Every day, people are becoming more aware and more concerned about what hidden things are in
food, water, skin care products, haircare products.
Through self struggling with skin and hair problems, but also food allergy my motivation to develop natural authentic products only increased
Through my own experience with health skin and hair, my passion and determination began more than 20 years ago.
Health is so natural that we do not think about it every day.
Until you realize or get confronted with health issues from your love ones or yourself.
Then you realize what health means.
Then you realize that not everything is so naturally.

We all want to age healthy. Preferably with flexible joints, a healthy body, full of energy.
CollincGro therefore exclusively focus on pure natural products that have been proven effective for skin, hair and your resistance.
We are supplier & distributer of medical antibacterial, antiviral oil for the dermatology and cosmetic industry. Together with scientists, Engineers we supply 100% pure, natural products, no additives and artificial additives.
In addition, we have a collaboration where Handmade hair is made for Exclusive Salon users mostly outside Europe.
In collaboration with scientists, Engineers, we join forces together;
• 100% pure, natural products, without chemicals and artificial additives.
• Hair extension where quality is only number 1.



• CollincGro Hair Extensions
• Tamanu & Oils Shampoo
• CollincGro Natural Oils





Natural Immune Booster

• Ecomer Supports a healthy immune system
• Cell-protecting abilities
• Promote wound healing
• Boost the recovery of white blood cells

100% High Premium Quality
100% Best natural source of alkyglyceroler.
100% Natural dietary supplement

In the world of today we see products which contain chemicals, artificial additives.
The question is whether they are healthy.
De barrier function of the skin can be disturbed,
making it more susceptible to the uptake of for example chemicals.
Repeatedly skin contact can make the skin dry, red, rough and scaly, small cracks occur.
At prolonged skin contact with surfactants eczema can occur.
What we do not know is that surfactants are used in:

► detergent  ► cream  ► cleanser  ► shower gel  ► ink  ► glue  ► shampoo  ► paint  ► soap  ► toothpaste

It is almost impossible to ban all products.
But we can replace a number of products by products with natural ingredients.
Many of products in our bathrooms can be harmful for our health.
Be aware of what product you buy and use.

Our products are evaluated positive by scientists.
We work with a divers team in terms of age, knowledge.
Our interests goes beyond our field.
It gives us great satisfaction to compose honest products, to test and present to you.