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Low PH value and less Foam, including Tamanu-Oil

Paraben-free, includes natural ingredients.
During the development, we mainly investigated to avoid harmful substances for the scalp and hair.
The PH value, which influences the condition of the scalp and hair, has become an important part during development.
A shampoo with a higher PH value can provide:
• more tangles
• dry hair
• dull hair
• porous hair
• color of dyed hair fades faster
• scalp irritation
• rose

Our Shampoo contains Tamanu-Oil [is traditionally used for various skin problems and therefore gives a supportive effect on the hairscalp).

CollincGro shampoo is developed with a lower PH value.
A lower PH supports:
• scalp more balanced
• natural hair shine
• less dry hair
• stronger hair

Most of us are familiar with gloriously foaming shampoo. The agent that makes the shampoo foam can:
- dry the hair more
- make the hair greasier
- tangling the hair
- and split ends may occur.

That is why we choose less foam, but than you will need a little more shampoo to clean your hair.

Shampoo color : Transparent look
Smell : Fresh mintish odor
Hair type : Suitable for all hairtypes
Application : Topical application on hair and scalp