Coldpressed Coconut-Oil 5L

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Price per Liter is € 35,-

Most of us know that Coconut Oil is good for skin and hair.
Due to the variety in brands we do not know which one is good for the skin and hair ? How can you see the difference Coconutoil, and is Coconutoil always white ? No, our coconut oil will vary per batch. It remains a natural product.

Collincgro supply of Coconut oil has a melting point of around 24-26 degrees and is therefore usually solidified in our climate. As soon as the coconut oil touches your skin, it will melt. You can use our oil as a massage oil and combine it with eg Tamanu-Oil for common skin conditions. Coconut oil acts as an effective skin moisturizer and is suitable for all skin types. Even the dry skin. There is no chance of adverse side effects on the skin of coconut oil. That is why it is a natural way to prevent skin dehydration and flaking. It also supports the retardation of wrinkles. For Spa and Wellness we also offer coconut oil with the effective frangipani oil. For exclusive products, ask about the options in your Spa, Wellness or Salon.
► Content: 5 Liter which is the minimum order quantity

Ingredients : 100% Cocos nucifera
Application : Topical application on skin and hair
Smell : a very slight coconut scent
Color : White/Off White
Consistent : The oil can thicken at temperatures lower than +/-21 degrees.
Skin Type : Form normal, oily, dry to sensitive skin