Barbers Aftershave 1 Liter

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1 Liter: Non-alcohol Aftershave with woody spicy odor

CollincGro Aftershave contains special compound ingredients including Tamanu-Oil.


If you have not yet heard about Tamanu Oil than you must try even if you have a cut it benefits your skin. The green gold was found by the natives by accident. They treat their skin, their hair and still they do. Their skin and hair looks healthy shiny and amazingly strong. Try and feel the benefits yourself.

The main ingredient in CollincGro Aftershave is Bay:

This essential oil is used in many hair tonics, aftershaves, beard Oil. CollincGro Aftershave is alcohol free and uses authentic ingredients from nature that is regarded for centuries. Your skin feels clean, pores are closed, and you are left with an even skin tone, and provide relief from general skin irritation and razor burn.  
CollincGro Aftershvae Soothes, nourishes, and moisturises the skin; stimulates cell regeneration and helps maintain clean, healthy skin as well as aides in the recovery of irritations that may be caused by shaving. Refreshes your skin, evens out skin tone plus you smell great.
Especially designed for Barbers, but it is multifunction use.
Application : Topical application on skin
Skin type :

from normal, oily, dry to sensitive skin

Smell : woody spicy scent
Main ingredients : Purified Water,
Cocus Nucifera,
Calophyllum Inophyllum,
Bay West Essential Oil
and more...