About us

We are supplier & distributer of Oil, Creams, Shampoo that has antibacterial, antiviral activities which are proven effective
for centuries by local medicins that is used for the dermatology and cosmetic industry.
Together with scientists, Engineers we supply 100% pure, natural products, no additives and artificial additives.




Our product offer

We go far finding the best quality ingredients which are proven effective.
Few of the ingredients comes from islands in Oceania, how authentic.
They are used for centuries by locals, and still.


• We offer several Cold-pressed Oils
Sandalwood (Australian | Indian)
We have a wide range - ask for it !


• We offer a low PH Shampoo in 500ML bottles
   with pump system or larger volumes.
• We offer Hair Tincture with a spicy odor.


We offer several Skin Care Moisturisers
• Skin care Moisturiser soft and easy to absorb
   into your skin. You can add your own odor.
• All Skin Care Moisturisers has Coconut Oil and 
  Tamanu Oil as base ingredients, which makes a 
  perfect base for your authentic skin care 

Tamanu Oil
Tamanu Oil is upcoming and more and more claim to deliver the original Tamanu Oil. If you have never bought the original, you will never know which one is the best quality oil. So it will be difficult to explain, but you will notice the effects on your skin or into your hair. We will list a few things where you can use the antibacterial Tamanu Oil:
Rash, Uv protection, scars, muscles, hair loss, small wounds, itching, mosquito bites, flea bite, feet problems and more..

Castor Oil
Castor Oil is a robust oil that serves as a super lubricant, hydrator and due to its water soluble characteristics it is a super base for essential oils.
It is a common ingredient in soaps & hair care to give your hair a real shine.

Argan Oil has widely become a cosmetic super power ingredient. Due to the wide offer we searched for only the best quality argan oil.
This oil is incredibly versatile, hair, skin, feet, and we can go on.

Who has not heard of Coconut Oil, the benefits are extreme wide: Hair, Skin, Body, Mask, making your own scrub or cream with this base ingredient.
So coconut oil is a common ingredient in many cosmetic applications due to its stability & its ability to soften the skin when applied to the body.
Its natural form is a butter-like ingredient which delivers both silky smooth results when applied to both the skin & hair.

Most of us never heard of it. Yangu-Oil is a 100% cold pressed nut oil and a wonderful light serum oil which can be brought onto the skin or into the hair.  
Yangu-Oi is a stand out nutritious with it being rich in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants.
The oil itself is light and easily absorbs in the hair & skin, allowing it to be a perfect direct application oil.

Sandalwood Indian
It is particularly good at treating skin conditions such as acne and eczema.
But also your hair scalp in order to support the growth of new hair and prevent hair loss.
High quality Sandalwood. Super Oil for fragrance but also support with troubled skin.
Calming & cooling properties. Carries anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-proliferation properties.

••• -Oil
If you look for a specific oil, contact us.
We have a wide range of oils that we can offer.



Product Offer :

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Price per Liter
Tamanu Oil

Coldpressed Tamanu-Oil


Soap Base


Coldpressed Castor-Oil



Sandalwood Australian, Essential Oil


Sandalwood Indian, Essential Oil

Facial Skin Care 1 Liter

Facial Skin Care 5L


Coldpressed Coconut-Oil 5L

Shampoo - 500ML


Hair Tincture 1 Liter


Hair Tincture 5L



Barbers Aftershave 1 Liter


Barbers Aftershave 5 liter