• Description

Hairweave hair extensions is 100% natural. Premium plus Top quality.

Some tips:

I- Before placing hair extension

Wash your hair, before you place hair weave hair extensions in your hair. 
Make sure that your hair is free of oil, crème, hair gel/spray. 
Please contact your hairdresser  if you have no knowledge about styling, cutting, coloring or technical skills.

II- During placement of hair extension

Fasten the hair extension about 2 cm from the root, so your hair will not weight too much. Make sure that the hair extensions is not placed to close to the face or on the top of the head.

III- After placing the hair extension

Hair extension can tangle, depending on the use and influences of hair products in your own hair. Use only natural products. the experience of people who use ProHair have at least one year pleasure with our hair.

a) Washing hair extension

Detangle your hair with your fingers and brush the hair gently before washing. Wash your hair with 100% natural products so that your scalp is not closed and ProHair hair extension will not damage. Do not use hot water, use lukewarm or cold water. Wash the headband, without too much pressure on the fixing points.

b) Drying hair extension

We advice to dry by air. Do you use a hair dryer, if you want to use it than set it cold. Do not rub your hair dry with the towel, but dry it gently from the length to the ends.

c) Styling hair extension

Before you bring your hair into shape, you detangle it with your fingers.
Then use a wide tooth and comb from the middle of the hair.
Finish with a brush specifically designed for hair extension.
Do not pull the hair to untangle.

d) By night

At bedtime, brush your hair from the middle out and unties it with your fingers. You can also fasten your hair or braiding.

IV- Haircare products

Is preferable to use 100% natural products.

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