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CollincGro Hair extensions with clips, the hair is 100% natural. Premium plus Top quality.

I- Fasten Clip in hair extension in your own hair 

The hair extension with clips are placed in lines from top to bottom. The small bands with one clip are usually placed at the temples.

1. Gently detangle your hair and use a comb to make a first line along the entire length of your head.
Preferably from one ear to the other.
2. Bring all your hair up and secure with a hair clip.
3. If your hair is really fine, you can make a small braid so that you confirmed the clip herein. Do not use hair spray, this can make your hair brittle.
4. Once you have the clips attached in the first line, let the hair down. Create a second line above the previously installed clip in hair. And so on.
5. The widest band with the clips are placed face up in the full width at the center, fasten the clips one by one in your hair. The most convenient way is that you move your hands to the next clip while holding the clip already placed with your other hand. Make sure the clips are tight and do not move.
6. Gently brush the hair extension into your own hair.

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