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With a custom Hair extension we mean a hairpiece or hair granting which is exactly your size and large designed and made. To set your hair work  you can choose from our extensive range of real hair, color, thickness and movement

Special custom made hairextensions / hairwig:
100% Natural
• Hairweave
• Hairextension full wig
• Hairextension with metal clip in

• Hairextension half wig

The offered price is regardless of your desire in length or style hair.

Consult a hair dresser for the desired style, color and technique.

Offer request

 Where does CollincGro Hair comes from ?
Indian women voluntarily donate their hair at nearby temples to. So they donate part of their beauty to continue being in the grace of the gods.
All Indian raw hair is washed with a mild shampoo whilst in India to prevent damage from chemicals, then brushed, and finally sorted by color shades and length and packaged.
Carefully packaged in bundles it finally starts its journey to the Netherlands.
Remy quality raw hair is the premise for top quality extensions.

No other genetic structure is as similar to European and North American hair as that of Indian hair.
Asian hair, for example, is noticeably thicker.
To modify it to the texture of our hair, the surface would need to be treated with acid.
The consequence: The cuticles are destroyed; the natural shine as well as the elasticity and resilience are lost.

That is why we choose Indian natural hair!

Hair Extensions good for thin hair?
It certainly is. If you have fine hair CollincGro Hair extension is the best choice. Why?
The hair is originally from India. India have the thinnes/finest hair in comparing to for example China.
Chinese hair can be used when you have very thick hair but than you also have a very Chinese style.
Hair Extensions; a godsend for people with thin hair
Going from long hair to short hair is easy, but from short hair to long hair not.
Some of us do not have a choice because of medical reasons.
This became my personal goal and help others is more than a good feeling !

We only offer natural products, like hairextensions or hairwigs (which are hand-made), natural skin care and natural immune stimulators.

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