CollincGro Hair weave extensions : 2 Meter Width

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CollincGro Hair weave extensions is 100% natural. Premium Plus Top Quality.

Handmade - 100% Natural

• 18" Haarlengte = 45,7cm

A hair weave that provides you with the look and feel of longer or thicker hair. The hair weave is woven into your natural hair, quite close to the scalp. Once woven hair extension can remain longer than 4 months.
There are many techniques for doing this. If you have no knowledge in this area, please consult a hairdresser.

Our hair can be cut, styled and colored.
Therefore, you receive the best quality hair that is suitable for coloring, styling and cutting.

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Content set:
• 1 hair weave extension with width: about 2 meters
- strong band of 4 mm 

Our advice: 
Consult a hair dresser for the desired style, color and technique.
Hair weave with clips:
It is possible to fasten clips to the ProHair hair weave.
Ask for the possibilities.

Color CollincGro Hairextensions:
I recommend that you purchase a professional hair color and developer line.  A box color from a drug store does not give you the option to choose the developer that you will use on your hair extensions.
I've found that coloring hair extensions is most easily accomplished by using a large counter or table space. Be sure you are coloring your extensions in a warm room with plenty of light. Spread sheets of tin foil across your work area to protect the workspace from the color. Make sure you have plenty of room to work comfortably.

Next, following the manufacturer's directions, prepare your color. Most color is mixed with equal parts color and developer.

Finally, lay the extensions across the tin foil. You'll want to be sure that your extensions have been combed through prior to coloring. It is not necessary to wash your extensions prior to coloring. Do not color your hair extensions while they are wet or damp.

Using gloved hands and a color brush. It is important to be sure that you apply an ample amount of color to completely saturate each section of your hair extensions. Be sure that the color completely coats both sides of your extensions from top to the very ends. It is very important that you apply the color starting at the top of the extension (where the clips are located) downward to the ends, following the natural fall of the hair.

Applying the color upside down could result in damage to your extensions and will likely leave your extensions frizzy or disheveled. It is always better to use too much color, rather than not enough.
After you have applied color to each section of your extensions, loosely cover them with plastic wrap to prevent the color from drying out. Typically, color should process anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes.

Check a small section of the hair extensions every 5 to 10 minutes during the processing time.

Be sure to reapply the color with your color brush after checking, and remember that hair color when wet appears darker than dry hair color.

When the processing time has been completed and the color of your extensions are satisfactory it is time to rinse. Fold your tin foil in half for easy transportation to a sink.
Rinse the color from your extensions using cool water at low pressure. It is very important that you allow the water to flow in the direction that the hair naturally falls, from the clipped portion of the extension to the ends. Use your fingers to gently remove the color. Rinsing should take a minimum of 15 - 20 minutes.
When you are sure that your extensions are rinsed properly, lay a towel down on your workspace. Apply a leave-in natural conditioner to each section of your extensions and comb with your wide tooth comb. Lay the extensions out and allow them to air-dry thoroughly before using them, styling the extensions, or applying any kind of heat tools.

CollincGro Hair

Super Easy to Use / HAND-MADE  \ FAIR TRADE
Clipping in CollincGro extensions is so quick and easy, anyone can do it!

Instant Length
Do you feel like your hair just won’t grow?
Or maybe you got a bad haircut and miss your long locks?
CollincGro Hair extensions is the quickest and simplest way to get beautiful long hair.

Add Volume
Transform your hair from thin, to thick and voluminous locks that you’ve always dreamed of in just minutes.

Experiment with Color
Want to change up your hair color, but don’t want to dye your hair?
CollincGro Hair extensions to experiment.
You can color CollincGro hair in every desired color.

No Damage
CollincGro Hair extensions are safe to wear and cause absolutely no damage to your hair - clip them in and out whenever you like.

Got that special event coming up  ?
Add a little ‘oomph’ to your hair with CollincGro Hair extensions, and turn heads. Our hair can be styled in any desired look !

High Quality for An Amazing Price
CollincGro Hair extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Indian Hair and are 100% hand-made (FairTrade).
It is silky, tangle-free.

CollincGro Set: • 1 hair weave extension with width: about 2 meters
- strong band of 4 mm
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