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ProHair 100% natural hair exensions 'half wig' has the same technique as clip in hair extensions. Additional, half wigs is made of 1 piece full long hair. 

With ProHair extension you can now take control.

No need for a professional to assist with clip in hair extensions.
Within a few minutes you achieve a complete new look
 Click on this link and read how easy you can apply yourself. 

Our hair can be cut, styled and colored.
Therefore, you receive the best quality hair that is suitable for coloring, styling and cutting.

Content standard set:

- Standard hair length:  16" = 40,6cm
- Total weight:  116 gram
- Hair type:   Straight
- Surface (+/-):  10" x 5"
(Optional wider surface: 12" x 5")

Send us an email:
ProHair clip in hair extensions can be delivered fully custom made also with regards to the width. 
    Send us an email and ask for the possibilities.

Our advice: 
Consult a hair dresser for the desired style and/or color.

Handmade - 100% Natural

 Where does CollincGro Hair comes from ?
Indian women voluntarily donate their hair at nearby temples to. So they donate part of their beauty to continue being in the grace of the gods.
All Indian raw hair is washed with a mild shampoo whilst in India to prevent damage from chemicals, then brushed, and finally sorted by color shades and length and packaged.
Carefully packaged in bundles it finally starts its journey to the Netherlands.
Remy quality raw hair is the premise for top quality extensions.

No other genetic structure is as similar to European and North American hair as that of Indian hair.
Asian hair, for example, is noticeably thicker.
To modify it to the texture of our hair, the surface would need to be treated with acid.
The consequence: The cuticles are destroyed; the natural shine as well as the elasticity and resilience are lost.

That is why we choose Indian natural hair!

Hair Extensions good for thin hair?
It certainly is. If you have fine hair CollincGro Hair extension is the best choice. Why?
The hair is originally from India. India have the thinnes/finest hair in comparing to for example China.
Chinese hair can be used when you have very thick hair but than you also have a very Chinese style.
Hair Extensions; a godsend for people with thin hair
Going from long hair to short hair is easy, but from short hair to long hair not.
Some of us do not have a choice because of medical reasons.
This became my personal goal and help others is more than a good feeling !

We only offer natural products, like hairextensions or hairwigs (which are hand-made), natural skin care and natural immune stimulators.

CollincGro Hair

Super Easy to Use / HAND-MADE  \ FAIR TRADE
Clipping in CollincGro extensions is so quick and easy, anyone can do it!

Instant Length
Do you feel like your hair just won’t grow?
Or maybe you got a bad haircut and miss your long locks?
CollincGro Hair extensions is the quickest and simplest way to get beautiful long hair.

Add Volume
Transform your hair from thin, to thick and voluminous locks that you’ve always dreamed of in just minutes.

Experiment with Color
Want to change up your hair color, but don’t want to dye your hair?
CollincGro Hair extensions to experiment.
You can color CollincGro hair in every desired color.

No Damage
CollincGro Hair extensions are safe to wear and cause absolutely no damage to your hair - clip them in and out whenever you like.

Got that special event coming up  ?
Add a little ‘oomph’ to your hair with CollincGro Hair extensions, and turn heads. Our hair can be styled in any desired look !

High Quality for An Amazing Price
CollincGro Hair extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Indian Hair and are 100% hand-made (FairTrade).
It is silky, tangle-free.

CollincGro Set: - Standard hair length:  16" = 40,6cm
- Total weight:  116 gram
- Hair type:   Straight
- Surface (+/-):  10" x 5" 
(Optional wider surface: 12" x 5")
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