CollincGro Tamanu Oil - 50ml

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Our oil is used for common skin problems.

• Damages skin
• Mosquito bites
• I
tchy skin

CollincGro Tamanu EP-T Oil - 50ml
CollincGro Tamanu EP-T Oil distinguished by the deeper penetrating power which provides repair and renewal of the skin cells and protects the natural skins stem cells by delaying the aging of essential cells. The pure oil is 100% natural and has the ability to penetrate deeper into skin layers and provides repair, renovation and repair of skin cells.

Tamanu EP-T Oil is especially effective when the skin is damaged. The oil gives the skin a protective layer against harmful external influences such as UV radiation.
Damaged skin recovers faster by antiviral and antibacterial properties. 

a few drops is sufficient to apply directly on the skin, just enough to absorb in easily.
The oil is mixable in to hair and skin cosmetics.


 • 15 ml : PET-R18 bottle  pharmaceutical grade
 • 50 ml : PET fles with ROPP28 dropper  pharmaceutical grade
 • 100 ml : PET fles with ROPP28 dropper  pharmaceutical grade
 • 1 liter : PET fles with ROPP28 dropper  pharmaceutical grade
 • > : Larger volumes on request  


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