CollincGro - Tamanu EP-T Oil

CollincGro Tamanu EP-T Oil is 100% pure


The variety of beauty products increases everyday, and we all wants the best for ourselves.
How well do we know the substances in products we use every day for our skin and hair. 
Many substances can seriously damage our health.

Therefore we combined natural sources which has a positive effect on skin, hair and resistance from the inside.

In the research laboratory we have tested a number of natural oil, and examined the active substances.
CollincGro Tamanu EP-T Oil was created. 

CollincGro Tamanu EP-T Oil is 100% pure, undiluted, free of chemicals and no artificial additives.
CollincGro Tamanu EP-T Oil distinguished by the deeper penetrating power
which provides repair and renewal of the skin cells and protects the natural skins stem cells by delaying the ageing of essential cells. 

Wounds heal quicker. The oil possesses antiviral, antibacterial activity. 
The oil is used for a wide range;

 • dry skin

 • damaged skin

 • scaly skin

 • scars

 • damaged hair

 • UV protection

 • sunburn

 • purifies skin

 • age spots

 • muscles

 • chilblains

 • diaper(rash)

 • reduced hair growth

 • hair loss



The active ingredients in CollincGro Tamanu EP-T Oil are:


Antibiotic properties


germ killing properties


: inflammation