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CollincGro Hair Fiber - Shake and Go !

Hair fiber origin CollincGro

It's true that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, mostly due to male pattern baldness (more on that later).

But thinning hair and hair loss are also common in women, and no less demoralizing. Reasons can range from the simple and temporary—a vitamin deficiency—to the more complex, like an underlying health condition.

In many cases, there are ways to treat both male and female hair loss. It all depends on the cause. More about Hairloss.

For instant results we advice:

CollincGro Hair fiber:
is a revolutionary breakthrough that immediately gives men and women thicker-looking hair.
The hair fibers are made of pure organic minuscule keratin protein, same protein that your hair is built.
The minuscule hair fibers are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with your own hair and bond even the thinnest hair securely.
You can apply by gently shaking the hair fibers to bald and thinning areas on your head.
After applying the fibers, gently brush them into your natural hair or use your fingertips to divide the fibers in your hair. 
Fixate your hair with our keratin fiber hair spray.
The hair fibers are completey undetectable and resistant to wind, rain and perspiration.
Easily washable. 

To choose a color, we advise you to order the closest color to your own hair.
A mix of colors can provice even better results.


CollincGro Hair Fiber - 28 gram


CollincGro Hair Fiber - 12 gram