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Handmade Hair

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Handmade Hair

• 100% Top Premium Quality
• 100% Real hair
• 100% Natural
• 100% Handmade

CollincGro Hairextensions hair is made of the highest quality, 100% human hair stemming from India. The hair is specially selected by our factory and only triple-A hair is eligible for being made into one of our hair extensions.

The haircolor is 100% naturally using a patented system; no harmful or chemical substances are used during this process.

CollincGro Hairextensions hair has a natural and beautiful natural structure and can be styled into your own hair style.

CollincGro Hairextensions is remy sorted. This means that the hair cuticles all point in the same directions so that they cannot get entangled in each other. As mentioned above, our factory selects the hair. Only raw hair is bought for processing. This way our factory knows that the hair is remy sorted and that the hair is not mixed with other, loose hairs whose cuticle layer may be pointed in the wrong direction.

More and more people value their appearance. Everyone want to look good. 
Thinning hair all over the scalp can be due to various causes; stress, hormones, vitamin deficiencies, diseases, unbalanced inner.
Advice is sought by pharmacies, health food stores, hairdresser salon, hair institutes. 

Have you ever looked around in a drugstore or pharmacy to look for products that make your hair grow back again.
These remedies rarely work. In some cases they cause even complication.
Or maybe you considered hair transplant. It is not only a medical procedure,
there is no guarantee that the hair would continue to grow.

It is important to deal with the core of the problem and to get instants result.

CollincGro offers a wide range of hair solutions.

CollincGro Hair can be a solution to hair loss or thinning hair. Anyone who dealt with this knows how it feel to loose hair.
Good hairpieces, extensions is unobtrusive, gives a slight freedom of movement to the hair, self-confidence and feels like your own hair.
Our hair is made of 100% Indian hair.

Indian women voluntarily donate their hair at nearby temples to. So they donate part of their beauty to continue being in the grace of the gods.

All Indian raw hair is washed with a mild shampoo whilst in India to prevent damage from chemicals, then brushed, and finally sorted by color shades and length and packaged.
Carefully packaged in bundles it finally starts its journey to the Netherlands.
Remy quality raw hair is the premise for top quality extensions.

CollincGro offers a variety of models and styles. Our hair can be used as transition period,
for people who due to medication temporarily have to wear hairpieces.
Or for people who have naturally thin or limp hair.
CollincGro sets very high standards to quality of hair pieces, extensions, hairfiber and your privacy.

We offer solutions for men, women, children with hair loss.
Short, medium and long hair, curly or straight hair.
Because we are independent and we work with several top brands can always give you an honest opinion.
Ask for the possibilities and contact us.

CollincGro Hairextension - Put In Hair

CollincGro Set Hair extension with clips

CollincGro Hair extensions half wig

CollincGro Hair weave extensions : 2 Meter Width

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