Hair care for natural hair extensions

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CollincGro advice: Natural hairextensions

CollincGro Hair has a brownisch colour.

• consult with your hairdresser for the desired style, color and/or technique. 
• protect ProHair during sports, swimming.
• gently brush ProHair with a soft brush, start at the end and work gradually towards the scalp.
• wash ProHair gradually in the length in a downward motion and use tepid/cold water.
   Never rub, scrub, twist or pull.
• wash ProHair as infrequently as it is hygienically possible. Unlike your natural hair, 
   hair extensions no longer receive natural oils from the scalp. 
   We recommend to use Tamanu oil.
• Never wash your clip in hair extensions while it is attached to your head.
• use only 100% natural haircare products without chemicals.
• dry ProHair gently;
- do not twist,
- do not rub ,
- do not pull.
• preferable to dry ProHair by air. If you use a hair dryer, then use the cold position.
• after washing and drying gently brush with a soft brush
• order the hair extension. If you have ProHair with clips, always close the clips if you take care of the hair extensions.
• if you have ProHair with clips, learn to work with the clips.
- to open the clips: place your thumbs on one side and push the center of the clips.
- to close the clips: push with your thumbs on the sides.
- if the clips do not close properly, you can bend the edges very gently with your fingers
• Never sleep with your extensions clipped on. Not only is this uncomfortable but this can pull on
  your natural hairs but this can also dig on your scalp



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