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 ► Premium Plus Top quality hair extensions

 ► 100% natural human hair

 ► 100% custom-made

 ► Selected from top segment

 ► 100% handmade

 ► 1 - 3 year lifetime

 ► 100% color (light & dark)

 ► No chemicals


ProHair hair extension:
Prohair hair extension is born out of own experience.
Thin hair, less volume, and long hair was only a dream.
Going from long hair to short hair is easy, but from short hair to long hair not.
Some of us do not have a choice because of medical reasons.
This became my personal goal and help others is more than a good feeling !

Every luscious hair that passed by was another stimulation. Not only for myself but also for the people who had the same thoughts.
A few years of intensively searching 100% natural, high quality hair, which feels like your own hair, resulted positively in:
ProHair 100% natural hair extension, feels like your own hair.
Additionally it was important that the hair can be colored and/or styled and/or cut.
Our ProHair comes from India. By self research we can conclude that the basic structure is identical to European hair.
The biggest advance is that ProHair can be styled, cut and colored. 
Therefore, y
ou receive top quality natural hair which is suitable for coloring, cutting and styling.
We advice to treat our hair exclusively with natural products without chemicals and artificial additives.
Then we can guarantee 2 - 3 year life time, normally a maximum of 6 months is given.
Try to minimize washing ProHair with shampoo, if you have no 100% natural products.  
Because of the variation in care and styling products, styling and coloring of ProHair products is entirely at your own risk and responsibility. 

Our shop:
We only offer natural products, like hairextensions or hairwigs (which are hand-made), natural skin care and natural immune stimulators.
Hair is very personal, we would like to advice you in your choice hair.
We set very high standards to quality and your privacy.
ProHair delivers customized hair in length and width for:
• hair extension 
• hair pieces
• customized hair handmade
• desired style  
• desired color

Hair extensions care:

Natural hair extensions requires special care.
Remy hair is the best kind of hair used for hair extensions and they do last longer than other type. And this is what ProHair deliver. But this doesn't mean that it will take care of itself. Our hair is made of 100% human hair from India and should be given the same care and attention that you would give your natural hair for it to maintain its lustre, smoothness and overall health. With proper care you will be able to maximise your hair extensions' lifespan.

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