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Back to the nature with products which are proven effective.

Back to the nature with products which are proven effective.
We all read more and more on the internet. We all investigate more and more. 
Every day, people are becoming more aware and more concerned about what hidden things are in
food, water, skin care products, haircare products.
Through self struggling with skin and hair problems, but also food allergy my motivation to develop natural authentic products only increased.

• 100% Facial Skin Care and Body products
• 100% Handmade natural hair
• 100% natural immuun booster

We offer

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil is the most effective, natural skin healing oil in the world for external use.
Tamanu Oil is produced from fruits (nuts) of Tamanu trees.
The oil is 100% natural, chemical-free and 0% artificial additives.
Tamanu Oil has been proven effective  when it is undiluted.
Tamanu Oil does NOT make your skin oily.
It actually make your skin a bit more dry and is effective on scarring and small wounds.

Pure Tamanu Oil contains polyphenols, these are anti-inflammatory
and have an anti carcinogenic effect.

Traditionally the oil is used for acne scarring, treatment of psoriasis, eczema, skin, hair, as an anti-aging product or as an ingredient in cosmetic products, the oil is also used for sunburns, wounds and more.

The Original Tamanu Oil


Ecomer Supports a healthy immune system, aides in detoxification.
Ecomer is a unique product with alkylglycerols, an endogenous substance with effects which are essential in times of exceptional strain on the body. The health benefits of alkylglycerols for the endurance of fishermen in Norway in Sweden has been described in traditional medicine.

Natural Alkylglycerols supports
• Strengthens the immune defence
• Cell-protecting abilities
• Promote wound healing
• Boost the recovery of white blood cells

Ecomer - Immuun Booster

Handmade hair

CollincGro Hairextensions hair is made of the highest quality, 100% human hair stemming from India. The hair is specially selected by our factory and only triple-A hair is eligible for being made into one of our hair extensions.

The haircolor is 100% naturally using a patented system; no harmful or chemical substances are used during this process.

CollincGro Hairextensions hair has a natural and beautiful natural structure and can be styled into your own hair style.

CollincGro Hairextensions is remy sorted. This means that the hair cuticles all point in the same directions so that they cannot get entangled in each other. As mentioned above, our factory selects the hair. Only raw hair is bought for processing. This way our factory knows that the hair is remy sorted and that the hair is not mixed with other, loose hairs whose cuticle layer may be pointed in the wrong direction.


Real Hair Extensions