Natural Hand-Made Hair


Why Chose CollincGro Hairextensions ?
CollincGro offers a variety of models and styles.
Our hair can be used as transition period,
for people who due to medication temporarily have to wear hairpieces.
Or for people who have naturally thin or limp hair.
CollincGro sets very high standards to quality of hair pieces, hairextensions,
hairfiber and your privacy.

We offer solutions for men, women, children with hair loss.

Short, Short, medium and long hair, curly or straight hair.
Because we are independent and work with several top brands we can always give you an honest opinion.
Ask for the possibilities and contact us. 

CollincGro Hairextension - Put In Hair

CollincGro Set Hair extension with clips

CollincGro Hair extensions half wig

CollincGro Hair weave extensions : 2 Meter Width

Shampoo Tamanu & Oils


Coconut Oil - 1 Liter