Shampoo, Conditioner, Coconutoil

Complete Skin Care Recovery

We currently developing a shampoo that is free from parabens, silicones and all kinds of chemicals that will damage the skin and ultimately the hair.
This process takes a long time since the process of making shampoo requires chemicals. Our team is working on a new development. As soon as available we will make this known on the website.
And of course available at our salons that process our hair extension (often under their own brand).

► We already offer coconut oil:

Most coconut oil is produced in unsanitary conditions.
We do not notice this to consumers, since they radiate in the white jar. There are hundreds of brands that offer coconut oil.
Coconut oil for frying, coconut oil for eating, coconut oil for smearing on the skin.
We only offer coconut oil for the skin and hair.
The process is extremely important in this regard, it has therefore required a great deal of research to be able to offer the best quality Coconut oil.

In most coconut oil the conditions are poor, whereby the coconut can come into contact with fungi.
A turbid, not fresh oil that must be refined and bleached by an industrial and chemical process.
And we will never see that process. In any case, the workable substances have disappeared or have fallen to a low level.

Our coconut oil is characterized by the DME process.

We only use the DME method during the production of pure coconut oil.
What is the DME process? This is a form of "wet grinding" in which the coconut oil is cold pressed from the meat of the coconut and within 1-3 hours after the opening of the nut. The coconuts are grown organically on the fertile soil and thrive in the rich volcanic soil without the use of chemicals. During the process, artificial chemicals, additives, or preservatives are not used in any way. DME method is considered by many to be the highest level to produce pure effective coconut oil. DME method provides a pure, natural and completely unrefined coconut oil. This means that it is free of impurities and also retains all natural antioxidants (this substance is important for delaying the aging process, among other things).

This 100% pure coconut oil is available from us !! Try and experience the difference !!

It even smells of coconut oil, but the smell disappears again.
It is also a fact that this coconut oil has a melting point of around 24-26 degrees and is therefore usually solidified in our climate.
As soon as the coconut oil touches your skin, it will melt.
- Great during massages
- Or as a hair mask where your scalp must also be massaged properly.
- A few more advantages:

• It removes your makeup (around the eyes) quickly
• Positive effect on dry skin (whole body but also parts of the body)
• You can even style the hair with our coconut oil if the dots are a little too dry
• A natural hair care and more.


200 ml Kokosolie