CollincGro offers:

The original Ecomer:
Natural Alkylglycerols, supports
• Strengthens the immune defence
• Cell-protecting abilities
• Promote wound healing
• Boost the recovery of white blood cells

What goes inside is as important, support your immune system!

 Health is so natural that we do not think about it every day.
Until you realize or get confronted that something is not working on your health.
Then you realize what health means to you as a person.
Then you realize that not everything is so obvious.

We are surrounded by diseases, bacteria, which can effects us all.
Not everything is bad for the human body. 
But how well do we know the products that supposed to protect us.

The human body becomes more and more resistant to antibiotics, and we forget the power of nature.
Resistant occurs when people use antibiotics drugs too quick often by ignorance.
We enter an era in which common infections, that have been treatable for decades, strike again.
Our body is exposed to an increasing number of chemicals by air pollution, additives of synthetics in food and cosmetics.
Our skin absorb a lot of good and bad substances,
delve into this matter and find out what you put on your skin and hair.

In the market we see many products with hopeful promises about health, beauty, etc.
The majority contains chemicals, artificial preservatives, synthetics that likely do more harm than good.

One of our natural products is the undiluted, cold-pressed CollincGro Coconut Oil.
A few drops of pure undiluted Coconut oil is sufficient for daily care of your skin and hair.
Coconut oil distinguished by the special DME process and the deeper penetrating power which provides protection and care of renewal skin cells and skin tissue. The oil protects the natural skins stem cells by delaying the ageing of essential cells.

CollincGro combined natural sources which has a positive effect on skin, hair and resistance from the inside.
We focus exclusively on pure natural products which have been proven effective.

120 capsules

Ecomer Alkylglycerol - Immunesystem